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Living with a stroke

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These pages provide you with practical advice and information

Immediately after a stroke the main focus is usually on your initial recovery period, finding any possible causes for your stroke, and reducing any risk factors you may have such as high blood pressure etc.

After an initial recovery period life will start to settle down as you start to come to terms with having a stroke and accept any changes to your life.

  • The following pages provide practical advice and information about some specific day to day issues that arise when someone has had a stroke. The topics within this section have been commonly identified as important by people who have had a stroke, their family or carers.
  • Information about coping with specific physical, psychological / emotional and cognitive effects can be found in the How a stroke may affect you section.
  • Remember that you can talk, in confidence, to one of our Advice Line Nurses about any issues that are affecting you or your family.