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Robot handing over an object to humans

The Researchers are studying how robots can help in the house. The task is to hand over an object to a person. Most methods are for people with full arm mobility. Their goal is to study the comfort of the person when receiving an object from the robot. They believe that comfort is different for people with arm mobility impairments. The Researchers purpose is to study the differences in this comfort. They have built a method that hands over an object to people with arm mobility impairments. In our study, the Researchers want to get opinions from people on this method. In this study, there are no risks or benefits to the participants.

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SICSA and ORCA hub Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)


Online Survey

Recruitment Criterea:

Exclusion – vulnerable adults who are not able to consent to the study.
Preferably, the Researchers would like to get participants with any level of arm mobility impairment. Nonetheless, they welcome participants from all arm mobility capabilities.

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