Research and Awards

Research and Awards

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We aim to invest up to £1.5m in research over the next three years.

Research plays a vital role in the work we do. The evidence it provides is key to preventing chest, heart and stroke conditions and to improving the acute treatment, rehabilitation and long-term support of people who are affected and their families.

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Our 2018 Application Round is now closed. Details of future rounds will appear here.

Our new Research Strategy is driven by three key principles:

Respecting Lived Experience – it is important to us that the research we fund matters to the people in Scotland who live with our conditions. We recognise that their lived experience every day means they have unique and powerful insights.

Building Relationships – we want to work with high quality researchers who share our vision of a Scotland where fewer people have chest, heart or stroke conditions and those that do receive the very best possible care and support.

Demonstrating Impact – we are only able to fund research because of the generous donations given to us by donors and fundraisers. We need to be able to explain how the money we spend on research makes a difference to health and wellbeing in Scotland.

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