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Research and awards

Dr listening to patient's chest

Dr. listening to patient’s chest

CHSS works to improve the quality of life for people in Scotland affected by chest, heart and stroke illness. Research plays a vital role in providing the evidence base for reducing the incidence and prevalence of respiratory illness, heart disease and stroke; and improving the acute treatment, rehabilitation, long-term support and quality of life of those affected, including families and other carers.

We aim to support a wide range of research into all aspects of the prevention and treatment of chest, heart and stroke illness, and in the rehabilitation and care of those affected. We seek to focus particularly on research which has the potential to impact directly on health improvement and patient care, and on pilot studies which have the potential to stimulate further research from funders with greater resources. We do not support research involving animals. Due to the wide range of other potential funders in the cancer field, we do not support research studies whose primary focus is lung or other cancers. For further information see CHSS Research Strategy.  CHSS is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).  All AMRC members support the AMRC statement on animal research.

All applicants must be living and working in Scotland and research must be undertaken within Scotland. The Charity is prepared to fund the Scottish-based elements of UK-wide and international studies.

Action Research and Minor Research Awards are considered by the Charity’s Executive Committee, which meets every two months. Reports are required immediately after the completion of the study.

CHSS are fully accredited by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC). We have been recognised by the AMRC for adhering to best practice guidelines for peer review in research.

We are now members of Researchfish, an online evaluation system for funders to track the impact and outcomes of the research they fund.