Start-Up Grant Policy

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Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland are committed to supporting our affiliated groups / clubs and are proud of the support offered to over 2500 people annually across Scotland, through their work. Each group / club is independently run, providing a range of activities and offering support, stimulation and companionship in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland works hard to foster good working relationships with other like-minded charities and organisations, e.g. the National Health Service, British Lung Foundation and British Heart Foundation.

Conditions of affiliation

The CHSS Conditions of Affiliation require each group / club to:

  • have a majority membership of those living with chest, heart or stroke illness
  • have a valid Constitution
  • have an elected Committee which meets regularly and keeps appropriate records of meetings
  • inform CHSS timely of internal difficulties which relate to group’s smooth-running
  • have an appropriate bank account with at least two signatories
  • ensure that cheques are signed by two people
  • make appropriate use of the start-up grant (which may be paid in instalments)
  • hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • publish annual accounts
  • comply with CHSS policies on Affiliation, Insurance and Fundraising
  • uphold the values of CHSS in improving quality of life and promote a healthy lifestyle for those affected by chest, heart or stroke illness
  • not bring into disrepute the reputation of CHSS or other similar groups by the actions of any individual or group of individuals

The following information and documentation will be given to the local Community Support Worker:

  • completion of the affiliation questionnaire (including 2 sets of contact details)
  • constitution
  • minutes of previous AGM (if existing group - not required if new group)
  • copy of the accounts after the first year of affiliation - showing evidence of appropriate use of the £500 start-up grant

If you require support with any of the above please contact your local Community Support Worker.

Failure or inability to comply with the above conditions may regrettably result in termination of affiliation.

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