Six week checklist

When you first had your heart attack you probably thought you would never get better. After approximately 6 weeks you will be well on the way to recovery and, hopefully, you will have made positive changes to your lifestyle.

The six week checklist is a technique to help you see how well you have done, print off this page and tick this list to see how things have changed.

Have you? Yes / No What would help?
Stopped smoking
Reduced smoking
Started eating less saturated fat in diet
Started eating a healthier diet
Started eating more fruit and vegetables
Started eating less salt
Lost weight
Started walking regularly
Doing regular exercises
Planning regular exercise
Been swimming
Been cycling
Doing regular relaxation exercises
Practising techniques to reduce stress
Planning enjoyment every day
Planning  going / gone back to work
Started new hobbies or interests
Continued to take drugs as prescribed

If there are boxes that you have not ticked, and you would like to, try to work out what is stopping you and try planning small steps which will enable you to achieve these goals.

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