Stroke Core Competencies Course

This 2½ day course has been designed to provide the knowledge required to meet the NHS Education Scotland Stroke Core Competencies (NES 2005).

The Stroke Core Competency Course covers a variety of topics essential to the care of the stroke patient and their family. It provides a unique opportunity for line managers to facilitate staff to further develop their competency in stroke care.

This course takes the form of 2 consecutive study days with a 1/2 day follow–up support session.

  • Each course will have a maximum of 16 participants.

On completion of the Stroke Core Competency Course, participants will receive support from an identified mentor and / or the Stroke Practice Development Facilitator to identify further learning needs, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge into practice in the workplace.

Target audience

Nurses, AHPs and social care staff working regularly with stroke (registered and non–registered) in hospital and community settings.

Aims & outcomes

Course aims:

  • To develop the knowledge of health and social care staff and facilitate further development of their skills and confidence when working with people affected by stroke and their families.


  • Individual sessions have specific aims and outcomes which are aligned to the Stroke Core Competencies (see Related Documents).

On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Have increased their knowledge and skills about stroke.
  • Transfer knowledge into practice through use of a stroke competency toolkit known as 'SCoT'.

Course outline

Day 1

  • What is a stroke?
  • Knowledge & skills workshop
  • Organisation of stroke services
  • Psychological aspects in stroke care
  • Swallowing after stroke
  • Communication and stroke

Day 2

  • Activities of daily living and stroke
  • Continence and stroke
  • Skin care and stroke
  • Experiencing the effects of stroke workshop
  • Physical ability after stroke
  • Stroke Core Competencies and SCoT

Day 3 (1/2 day)

  • Spiritual care
  • Nutrition & stroke
  • SCoT
  • Course evaluation

Course dates and booking

For current dates and booking details please see our booking form and details page.

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