In 2005 Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS), in partnership with NHS Grampian, identified the need for specialist training for nurses and other health professionals working with stroke patients and their families.

With the appointment of a stroke education facilitator, NHS Grampian has been successfully providing education, training courses and study days throughout the region.


The courses have been designed as:

For Current courses and dates see Related Documents.

  • The Current Care in Stroke Part 1 takes the form of 2 consecutive days with a follow - up day 1 month later.
  • The Single Stroke Study Days take the form of 1 day only and focus on a specific topic in stroke.
  • The Study Days for Social Service and Care Home Staff take the format of one day and provide an overview of working with stroke.

Each course and study day stands alone, the content having been chosen to address the knowledge and skills required at their particular level. On completion a personal action plan is drawn up to identify further learning needs, which are discussed with the line manager.


The courses and study days aim to:

  • Be relevant to the workplace
  • Reflect practice
  • Empower and enable
  • Challenge, but support and be non judgemental
  • Build confidence

Specifically designed study days can be set up in order to address the needs of the particular staff groups.


Team of trainers

The Stroke Education Facilitator with a team of trainers,based in the Stroke Rehabilitation unit at Woodend Hospital, form the Flexible Therapy Stroke Team, and deliver the different aspects of the courses.


How do I apply for the courses?

Go to our Further Details page for more information on the stroke course to suit you.

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