NHS Fife logoThe stroke training courses in Fife are delivered in partnership with Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland and have been running since 2004.

All courses are open to health professionals and social service staff employed within Fife. Please contact the Stroke Education Facilitator directly to discuss this further.

The courses have been designed as:

Each course and study day stands alone, the content having been carefully chosen to address the knowledge and skills required at that particular level.

The courses and study days aim to be:

  • Relevant to the workplace
  • Reflective of practice
  • Empowering and enabling
  • Challenging, but supportive and non judgmental
  • Confidence building

Specifically designed study days can be set up in order to address the learning needs of particular staff groups.

Who delivers the training?

The Stroke Education Facilitator alongside a team of trainers, who all have specific interest and experience in stroke, deliver the training.

How do I apply for the courses?

Go to our booking form and details page for the stroke course to suit you or contact:

Joanne Graham
Stroke Education Facilitator for NHS Fife
Admin Block
Lynebank Hospital
Halbeath Road
KY11 4UW

Tel: 01383 565379

Other Stroke Education Initiatives in NHS Fife

Information and Education for Carers

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