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Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown after a stroke
Category: Voices  Type: Factsheet
Could you have COPD? (PDF)
Could you have COPD? (PDF)
Category: Chest, Health professionals  Type: Factsheet
F9 Driving after a stroke (PDF)
Driving After a Stroke Factsheet
Category: Stroke  Type: Factsheet
F12 Bladder and Bowel Management After A Stroke (PDF)
F12_factsheet_bladder and blowel management
Category: Stroke  Type: Factsheet
F13 Air Travel (PDF)
This factsheet provides information about flying with a chest heart or stroke condition. It covers: medical clearance for flying, practical advice when and comfortable on your journey.
Category: Carers, Chest, Heart, Stroke  Type: Factsheet
F14 Visual Problems After a Stroke (PDF)
Category: Stroke  Type: Factsheet
F16 Positioning for People Affected by Stroke (PDF)
Category: Stroke  Type: Factsheet
F17 Diabetes: The Links with Heart Disease and Stroke (PDF)
Category: Heart, Stroke  Type: Factsheet
F22 How to Make the Most of a Visit to Your Doctor (PDF)
Category: Chest, Heart, Stroke  Type: Factsheet
F29 Swallowing Problems After Stroke (PDF)
Category: Stroke  Type: Factsheet