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Essential Guides & Booklets

We have a range of booklets and short, easy-to-read ‘Essential Guides’ on a number of important topics if you or someone you care about is living with a chest or heart condition or has had a stroke. Several of these resources may be particularly helpful in response to coronavirus. These include Essential Guides on Breathlessness (PDF), Tiredness and Fatigue (PDF) and Mental Wellbeing (PDF).

You can order, view and download the full range of our resources from our Publications page.


Practical resources to print, display and share

We have produced some useful posters, graphics and cards with information and guidance on coronavirus and what to do.

Reducing your risk

How to prevent catching and spreading coronavirus

What to do if you develop symptoms of coronavirus

Coronavirus symptoms: What do I need to do?

Self-isolation: what to do if you or someone in your household develops symptoms of coronavirus (how long to self-isolate)

Managing symptoms of Covid and Long Covid

Managing Breathlessness with Long Covid

Cough and high temperature: What are the common symptoms of coronavirus, what do they mean and how to do I look after myself if I have them?

Coronavirus symptoms ways to manage breathlessness at home (PDF)

If you have a chest, heart or stroke condition

Coronavirus and chest and heart conditions: Guide to looking out for changes to your usual symptoms

Someone in this house is at high risk from coronavirus

Information for carers

Carers: Developing an Emergency Care Plan with the person you care for (PDF)