Nebulisers can help deliver prescribed drugs into your lungs

A nebuliser is a device that turns medicine into a fine mist that you can breathe in using a mouthpiece or a face mask. Many of the medicines that are available as an inhaler are also available as a solution to be used with a nebuliser.

If you are using maximum doses of hand-held inhalers but are still badly affected by breathlessness, your doctor may recommend that you use a nebuliser.

Before being prescribed nebuliser treatment, you should have an assessment to make sure that you or your carer can use it properly.

Do not be tempted to buy your own nebuliser before you have been properly assessed as this as this may not be the best treatment for you.

You will also be assessed when you have been using the nebuliser for a while to make sure that you are still getting benefit from it.

For more information about how to use and take care of a nebuliser, see My Lungs My Life.