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Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) supports you to have your say with Voices Scotland.

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Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) supporting you to have your say with Voices Scotland

Health and social care services in Scotland are committed to becoming more person centred. In order to do this they need to talk to you and to learn from your experience.

The Scottish Government are continually encouraging health and social care services to engage with patients and carers.

  • It is about putting people at the heart of our NHS. It will mean that our NHS will listen to peoples' views, gather information about their perceptions and personal experience of care and use that information to further improve care. The Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHS Scotland (2010)

The Voices Scotland programme, delivered by Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS), has built a national network of people affected by chest, heart and stroke conditions to help them have their say. Through free workshops and ongoing support you will be provided with the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with the health and social care services to help plan new and better services. Chest Voices, Hearty Voices Scotland and Stroke Voices (an accessible version of the training) enables you to have your say so that you can make a difference to the health of Scotland.

Getting involved can also be a valuable and fascinating experience. You can learn new skills and meet like-minded people and professionals. You can also join the Voices Scotland register to be kept informed. (see related documents)

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Health and Social Care Professionals

As a professional you can:

  • Develop effective Public Involvement to improve your person-centred services

  • Learn more about the perspective of patients and carers

  • Use Voices Scotland to advertise local opportunities for patients and carers to get involved

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Influencing on Self Management: COSMIC (Champions of Self Management in Care

The Scotland Government also wants to learn from your experiences of living with long term conditions. It is encouraging services to support you to Self Manage. Central to this, it wants service improvement to be driven not by policy makers but by the people themselves – You!

The Scottish Government has set out its vision in the following policy:

Voices Scotland supports you to influence services on Self Management issues through our COSMIC (Champions of Self Management in Care) Workshops and COSMIC Resources.

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External Evaluation of the Voices Scotland Programme

Scottish Health Council and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland commissioned an independent evaluation of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland's Voices Scotland programme.

We are delighted to say that the evaluation found that the programme goes far beyond simply providing a set of effective training materials, crucially combining these with an approach to facilitation and support which has been developed over years by the Voices Scotland team.

Of the Voices Scotland workshop participants who responded to the evaluation survey:

  • 90% reported that they spend at least some time on involvement activities since attending a Voices Scotland or COSMIC workshop. 32% said that they spent five days or more per month on such activities.
  • 68% rated the Voices Scotland workshop as 'very important' in enabling them to do the things they were most proud of having achieved in the workshop, with a further 25% saying it was 'somewhat important'.

91% of Managed Clinical Network managers said that the programme had made 'some' or 'a significant' contribution to the development of their organisation's public involvement strategy.

Read the briefing paper and full external evaluation in related documents (right)

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How to join / find out more about Voices Scotland

The Voices Scotland network is free to join for patients, carers and health professionals.

For information on how to join Voices Scotland or for further information please contact Voices Scotland

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