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Suspect a stroke? Think FAST!

The main aim of the Think FAST & Save a Life campaign is to raise awareness of the symptoms of stroke. With over 12,000 people in Scotland having a stroke every year, it is essential that people can recognise a stroke when it's happening and take prompt action.

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Scottish Campaign for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our Demand

“Cardiac Rehabilitation must be fully recognised as being central to the treatment and care of heart patients. By the end of 2014, every heart patient must have access to a high quality cardiac rehabilitation programme.”

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Heart Disease & Stroke Cross Party Group

Since reconstitution in June 2011, the Heart Disease & Stroke Cross Party Group (CPG) has attracted an average of 35 members and 3 MSPs to each meeting. CPG meetings always present a range of opinion on a pertinent topic, with eminent experts among the health professionals to the moving and honest accounts of those living with the impact of heart disease and stroke conditions.

Heart Disease & Stroke Cross Party Group Mid-Term Review 2011-2013 (PDF, 1mb)

Aphasia Alliance Campaign

CHSS launched a campaign to highlight the fact that a thirdof the estimated12,500 people who have a stroke in the Scotland every year will be left with aphasia. Aphasia is a condition which affects the language skills of people after they have experienced brain damage. It can affect speech, understanding, reading and writing.

View the Aphasia Alliance Campaign page.

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